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I am currently a Postdoctoral fellow with teaching ("Agrégée préparatrice")
at the University of Lyon.

I work in the Liquids and Interfaces group in Institut Lumière Matière laboratory with C. Cottin-Bizonne and C. Ybert and in collaboration with F. Raynal (LMFA, Lyon) and M. Bourgoin and R. Volk (ENS de Lyon).

Influence on macroscopic mixing of microscopic phoretic effects (diffusiophoresis).


Liquids & Interfaces group
Institut Lumière Matière UMR5306
Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Campus de la Doua
Brillouin building,
2nd floor, room 12-004
6 rue Ada Byron
69622 Villeurbanne cedex, France

email: helene.scolan at univ-lyon1.fr

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